In silico pathology

In silico pathology will be the focus for all work packages in this project. Our goal is for these methods to be of such great value to the health service that their benefits will far outweigh the investments required in digital pathology

Pathology, as it’s practiced today, has remained largely unchanged for the last 200 years. New developments have occurred only in the last two decades, with immunohistochemistry and molecular biology having found their natural place in pathology.

Our group at the Norwegian Radium Hospital coined the term Digital Pathology, established the first section for Digital Pathology in 1992 and presented the first virtual slide in 1995. Since then, ICT development has brought enormous opportunities for in silico pathology. The DoMore! project intends to facilitate the introduction of a fully automated pipeline for the whole process from embedding the tumor to prognosis. This will be important for enabling a higher throughput and a more representative sample size, without adding unnecessary strain to a hospital’s operating costs.

Additionally, we propose a complete transferal of complex human decision-making from its current basis in visual observation to a computer basis. Our ambition is to replace this thinking and decision-making with objective, reproducible algorithms. The concepts involved will be based on image analysis and more specifically on deep learning, texture analysis, and quantification of DNA, and the implementation would be groundbreaking.

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