Societal impact

By addressing the diagnostic and prognostic challenges posed by heterogeneity in cancer, and inter- and intra-observer variance in the field of pathology, we may improve prognostication and thereby patient treatment.

In western countries, health budgets amount to 12-15% of gross domestic product, of which up to 30% is due to errors in diagnosis and other unwanted events in the health service. Serious errors in histopathological diagnosis of cancer occur in 1-4% of all cases. This is a low percentage, but with severe consequences for a large number of patients, i.e. 300-1300 this year in Norway, alone.

The causes of these misdiagnoses might be explained by the heterogeneous nature of malignant tumors and undersampling, both of which we aim to address. The DoMore! project will increase the number of diagnostic and prognostic tests for cancer patients in an effort to provide a more accurate prognosis for the patient in a cost effective way.

We will develop and establish ICT solutions to standardize and automate time-consuming lab activities and in doing so, will increase capacity by 5-10 times without increasing the number of personnel. The true change in cost effectiveness from DoMore! will come as a result of the change in clinical decision-making due to the new generic digital markers we will establish. Escaping the negative consequences of over-diagnosis (knowledge of having a cancer) and of over-treatment, such as impotence, incontinence, and perioperative death, will add to a patient’s quality of life and be economically beneficial.

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