Project description

The Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics at Oslo University Hospital was in 2016 awarded a prestigious Fyrtårn grant by the Norwegian Research Council for their project, titled “DoMore! : In silico Pathology - Improving diagnosis by utilizing Big Data and software-driven automation of pathology”.

The DoMore! project will run over the next five years under Institute Director Håvard Danielsen and aims to make advances in prognostication of cancer.

The successful treatment of cancer relies on a correct diagnosis, preferably at an early stage of the disease, but the inherent composition of cancer and several other challenges preclude a completely accurate diagnosis. Additionally, we still have little, and no exact, information on what distinguishes a lethal cancer from an indolent one.

We will explore our unique combination of academic and industrial competence to address these challenges in three common forms of cancer (prostate, colorectal, and lung). Using in silico pathology, the application of computers and other digital tools in pathology, the goal of the DoMore! project is to radically improve prognostication and hence treatment of cancer.

Project partners

DoMore Value chain illustration
Partners: OUH = Oslo University Hospital, ICGI = Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics (OUH), UCL = University College of London, Oxford = University of Oxford, SiV = Sykehuset i Vestfold (Vestfold Hospital), UiO= University of Oslo, IFI = Institute for Informatics (UiO), OCC = Oslo Cancer Cluster

Project organization

DoMore Organization
DoMore Organization