Scientific Results

ICGIs project DoMore! was in 2016 selected as one of The Research Council of Norway`s three Lighthouse projects designed for solving substantial societal challenges using cutting-edge technology. The team is working to offer a complete transferal from today’s complex human decision-making to an AI-based system ready for clinical use by 2021.

The DoMore! project has resulted in several high impact academic publications. The results are disseminated through multimedia such as news articles, illustrative videos, and podcasts. Major developments and results are posted here.

The media coverage of the DoMore! project is available at

Deep learning for prediction of colorectal cancer outcome: a discovery and validation study

Published in the Lancet,
1st February 2020

Dissemination and media

Prognostic value of DNA ploidy and automated assessment of stroma fraction in prostate cancer

Published in the International Journal of Cancer,
December 2019

Prognostic value of mitotic checkpoint protein BUB3, cyclin B1, and pituitary tumor-transforming 1 expression in prostate cancer

Published in Nature,
December 2019

Association Between Proportion of Nuclei With High Chromatin Entropy and Prognosis in Gynecological Cancers

Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 18.04.2018

The Lancet article presented at Oslo Life Science 2020

10th February 2020

The DoMore! Mid-Term Report

At the end of 2018, we reached the mid-way point of the 5-year long project, and this report reflects the challenges and results so far.

Providing prognostication using AI-based markers as a diagnostic service

Chromatin organisation and cancer prognosis: a pan-cancer study

Published in the Lancet Oncology, 02.02.2018

Clinical utility of chromatin analysis

Editorial in Oncotarget, 21.08.2018

How AI changes the prognostication of cancer

Kari Andresen, head of the Unit for Dissemination and Visualisation, has written an article about the DoMore! project.
7. June 2019

DoMore! presented at the launch of the National Health and Hospital Plan for 2020 and onward.

31. October 2019

DoMore! and AI presented at the Norwegian Oncology Forum 2019

Prognostic markers for colorectal cancer; estimating ploidy and stroma

Published in the Annals of Oncology, 01.02.2018

Tumour heterogeneity poses a significant challenge to cancer biomarker research

Published in the British Journal of Cancer, 25.07.2017